The Magic Mouse Utilities support 1, 2 and 3 finger taps as an alternative to the noisy clicks.

Tap to click is currently only available in the Beta version or higher.

1 finger taps

  • All 1 finger taps are only performed if no other fingers touch the mouse surface,
    except those fingers in the ignore areas (2) and (4), more here.
  • In addition, that tap has to touch be in the tap area (9), more here.
    This can be turned off, see Tap filters / Use Tap area below.

Left, middle and right tap areas

1 finger taps can be performed on the left, middle or right side.

Click the Tap areas button to configure these virtual areas on your mouse surface.

Each area can have it's own tap function. Use the related drop down menus to configure the function.

If you like to perform the same tap function on all areas:

  • Activate the left and right taps only (deactivate the middle tap).
  • Assign the same tap function on the left and right area.

Double tap to drag

To drag an item or do a multi-selection, you need to hold the (primary) mouse button.

  • To hold a mouse button, double tap and hold the tap, then drag the mouse.
  • To release the mouse button, lift the finger. It's the same as on laptop touchpads.

Note: Double tap to drag holds the related mouse button of the tap area. This way you can hold any mouse button via double tap.

Tap sensitivity

You can adjust the 1 finger tap sensitivity with the slider. Note this is only for 1 finger taps.
2 and 3 finger taps are not affected by this setting and always work on the highest sensitivity.

2 + 3 finger taps

2 and 3 finger taps have only a configurable tap function (and tap filters, see below).

Tap filters

To show the tap filters turn on the Show filters checkbox. Use these filters to prevent accidental taps.

Ignore click

If enabled, any mouse clicks (for the related 1, 2 or 3 finger taps) will be ignored. Us this setting to prevent accidental clicks if you tap too hard. Off by default.

Filter touches in ignore areas

If enabled, any touches in the Ignore areas (2) and (4) will be ignored by the related taps. On by default for 1 and 2 finger taps.

Use tap area

If enabled, only taps within the tap to click area (9) are performed. Use this setting to prevent accidental taps. On by default for 1 finger taps.

Tap functions

To assign a function to a tap area, use the related drop down menu:

Primary click Performs a primary (left) mouse button click when tapped.
Secondary click Performs a secondary (right) mouse button click when tapped.  
Primary + secondary click Performs both, primary + secondary (left + right)
mouse button clicks together when tapped.  
Middle click Performs a middle mouse button click when tapped.
Backward navigation Navigates backward when tapped
(technically it's a 4th mouse button click).
Forward navigation Navigates forward when tapped
(technically it's a 5th mouse button click).