Re-pairing the Bluetooth connection is usually only required if Smooth scrolling is not initialized, which can happen if you wake up your computer from sleep.

In case the re-pairing process fails, use Restart device driver from the Driver menu instead. You can configure the default action in the Bluetooth driver settings.


Re-pairing works only if the Magic Mouse has an active Bluetooth connection established.

The Magic Utilities can't re-pair a Magic Mouse automatically which is turned off or was paired to another computer in the meantime.

The re-pairing process

The process consists of three automatic steps.

  • Remove the paired Bluetooth device.
  • Pair the Magic Mouse again as a Bluetooth device.
  • Wait until the Magic Mouse becomes active.

During this time, a wait dialog indicates the individual steps.

If one step fails, the remaining steps cannot be completed automatically.

Re-pair the Magic Mouse manually

In case Remove or Pair fail, you have to complete the remaining steps manually.

Remove the Magic Mouses from Windows devices

Windows 11

  • Open Windows Settings > Bluetooth & devices > View more devices.
  • At your listed Magic Mouse, click on the three-dot menu.
  • Click Remove device.
  • Wait about 10 seconds until Windows has removed the Magic Mouse.

Windows 10

  • Open Windows Settings > Devices.
  • Click on your listed Magic Mouse.
  • Click Remove device and confirm with Yes.
  • Wait about 10 seconds until Windows has removed the Magic Mouse.

Pair as a Bluetooth device

For full instructions on Bluetooth pairing, click here.

Wait until the Magic Mouse becomes active

The waiting time on manual repairing is usually negligible and takes only a few seconds.