In case Smooth scrolling is enabled in the Magic Utilities please disable smooth scrolling in your web browser as scrolling will be more responsive.

Google Chrome and Vivaldi

Enter this into the browsers address bar:

  • chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling

Disable the setting and restart Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Select Options from the menu or enter this into the address bar to open Firefox options page:

  • about:preferences

Scroll to the bottom, in section Browsing, uncheck Use smooth scrolling 

Microsoft Edge

There is no single switch for Microsoft Edge. There is only one setting which affects Windows in general.

Goto an advanced system dialog, either

  1. Search for Performance and click the result Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows or
  2. Control Panel > System and Security > System > left link Advanced system settings > tab Advanced > button Performance,

then untick Animate controls and element inside windows.

Technical background

By default, Windows uses line based scrolling for almost any mouse. When you scroll, your content really jumps one or more line(s) rather than doing a smooth gliding.

As this is not what users want (and it is very different from what they know from their smartphones), web browsers make this jumps visually smooth, by moving the jump distance by each of its pixels, which takes quite some time and processing. So even it looks smooth, in terms of scrolling is it not, it's still line based scrolling.

The Magic Utilities for mouse and trackpad are smooth by default.

So there is NO need for your web browser to smooth the scrolling anymore, in fact, the web browser still tries to make that already perfect scrolling smooth which takes lost of time as we send about 100 times more scroll events as a regular mouse. As an (unwanted, but maybe nice) side effect of this, you get a kind of momentum/inertia scrolling at the cost of much more processor load, power consumption and scrolling lags behind your finger movement.