In case you close the "Magic Utilities" application window it is only hidden. There is still an application icon in the Windows system-tray area. The "Magic Utilities" application needs to run the the background to provide the license and some gesture or key mappings.

Exit and Restart commands are also available in the Windows system-tray icon right-click menus.

Exit application

To really terminate the "Magic Utilities" application, from the menu select Exit > Exit application.

Restart application

Even it shouldn't happen, there are sometimes hiccups where the "Magic Utilities" application may not detect a Magic device correctly or a setting isn't applied. It's often best to restart the "Magic Utilities" application. From the menu select Exit > Restart application.

Restart application on wake up

In case there are issues on computer wake up from sleep or hibernation you can automate the application restart by selecting Exit > Restart application on wake up. A check icon indicates that this setting is active. Note: This is an individual setting for each "Magic Utilities" application.

Restart all applications

This menu entry is only available if multiple "Magic Utilities" applications are running side by side.

In order to conveniently restart all running "Magic Utilities" applications, from the menu select Exit > Restart all applications.