Virtual desktop change animations happen when the virtual desktop is changes. It's a horizontal slide from one desktop to another. So far so good, we have this since Windows 10.

The Magic Utilities only use the keyboard shortcuts ctrl+win+left/right keys to change the desktop, even when you do a horizontal multi-touch swipe on the Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad.

With Windows 11 these animations initially disappeared and now the are back and really delayed, it's not fun, more here.

With version we give our users the option to disable these animations for just the moment where the desktop is changed. The desktop change is instant and no other Windows animations will be disabled.

Swipe animations

This option disables only the desktop change animations when swiping horizontally with multiple fingers on the Magic Mouse (2 fingers) or Magic Trackpad (4 fingers) surface.

Note, this is a local setting per device.

Keyboard animations

This option disables the desktop change animations when pressing the ctrl+win+left/right keys. It works with every "Magic Utilities" application.

Note, this is global setting across all "Magic Utilities" applications.

Windows system animations

This is a shortcut to fully toggle the relevant "Windows performance options" setting, see below.  

Windows performance options

You also can fully disable the desktop change animations in Windows.

  • In Windows 11 "Performance Options":
    Deselect the 1st list entry "Animate controls and elements inside Windows".

  • In Windows 10 "Performance Options":
    Deselect the 2nd list entry "Animate windows when minimising and maximising".

Please keep in mind that changing these settings will also affect other animations in Windows.