The Magic Utilities can update themself if a new major version has been released, typically this happens about every 6 to 9 months. In the meantime, new updates might be released which are not pushed as auto-update.

Any release is available in the Changelog and listed on the News page. Both have RSS feeds.

Automatic update check

The "Magic Utilities" applications do automatically check for updates on application startup and then every two days if Settings > Check regularly for updates is selected.

Direct and Web update checks

Automatic update checks are performed by a Direct update check... from the "Magic Utilities" applications. This might fail in enterprise environments where proxy servers and/or firewalls are used.

As an alternative, we offer the Web update check... done by your web browser. This check has to be performed manually.

Both kinds of update checks are available in the Help menu.

Update channels

Update channels give you the option to get the latest releases pushed as auto-update. You can select the active channel in the menu via Help > Updates >

Stable channel

The stable channel gets only well-tested releases, but not every stable release is pushed as an auto-update. Typically after 6 months, we push an auto-update to all users.

If you like to get the latest releases pushed as auto-update use the Beta channel.

Beta channel - Do not use in critical production environments

The beta channel brings the latest features which are basically tested. There might still be issues but overall these versions should work stable. New releases are typically every 1-3 months.

Select this channel if you like to get the latest releases as auto-update.

Development channel - Do not use in critical production environments

The development channel has the very latest features which are working but still might be buggy as some edge cases are not handled yet.

We often release directly to the Beta channel if the changes are only minor.