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Function keys row

Depending on your settings, press fnfnfn + F-Key to perform the related function.

F Key Symbol Function Remarks
F1 Brightness down Only with internal displays on Windows 8+10
F2 Brightness up Only with internal displays on Windows 8+10
F3 Task view / Timeline
F4 Application switcher Windows search
Windows search Magic Keyboards 2021 only
F5 Dictation Magic Keyboards 2021 only
F6 Computer sleep Magic Keyboards 2021 only
F7 Previous track shift+F7 = Fast rewind
F8 Play / Pause shift+F8 = Stop
F9 Next track shift+F9 = Fast forward
F10 Mute volume  
F11 Volume down  
F12 Volume up  
Del or fnfn or Windows Lock configurable (added in version Windows Lock added in version
F13 Print Screen
F14 Scroll Lock
F15 Pause | Break
F16 configurable default is File Explorer
F17 configurable default is Calculator
F18 configurable default is Notepad
F19 configurable default is Task Manager

Sleep key

Press fnfnfn + space-bar keys together, can be turned off in the modifiers menu.

Sleep is also available on F6 for the new Magic Keyboards 2021.

3rd character / symbol on some keys

In order to type the additional third character / symbol on some keys follow these steps:

  • Install and activate the belonging Magic Keyboard Layout for your language.
  • Map the alt function to the right ⌘ command, ⌥ option or ^ control key.
  • Press that right key with the 3rd character key.
    That right key acts like the Alt Gr key on Windows keyboards.

Missing key shortcuts

Press the Show all key mappings button in the application to get this table as a popup window.

Windows keyboard Apple keyboard ⌘ command / ⌥ option swapped
Windows Flag command option
Alt (left side) option command
Alt Gr (right side) control+option control+command
Menu shift+F10  
Backspace ← delete  
Enter return  
Pause | Break fnfn+esc  
Del fnfn+delete or *  
or Magic Keyboards 2021 only
Ins fnfn+return or fnfn+ *  
fnfn+ or fnfn+ Magic Keyboards 2021 only
Home fnfn+  
End fnfn+  
Page Up fnfn+  
Page Down fnfn+  
Ctrl+Alt+Del fnfn+control+option+delete  fnfn+control+command+delete
Scroll Lock fnfn+left shift+F12  
PrintScr fnfn+left shift+F11  
Alt+PrintScr fnfn+left shift+left option+F11 fnfn+left shift+left command+F11
fnfn+left shift+
left command+F11
fnfn+left shift+
left option+F11
fnfn+left option+
left command+F11
fnfn+left option+
left command+F11
* configurability added in version
^ shortcut added in version

Customize the and fnfn keys

To match a standard Windows keyboard layout you can assign the fnfn key to an ins(ert) key. The Touch ID key then becomes the fnfn key.

Customize the Clear / key

By default the clear or key acts like the Num Lock key on Windows keyboards.

With the Magic Utilities you can also map the del(ete) or backspace key or simply turn that key off.