For general license question before buying have a look at the Frequently asked questions.

All license related actions are accessible in the License main menu.

Import a license

Your license is sent to you as a plain text file, like 1234567-License.txt. It contains only alpha-numeric characters. In case you already have installed a license you need to confirm the override.

Drag and drop the license file

To import your license drag and drop the license text file to the Magic Utilities application:

  • Drag and drop the license directly from your email client.
  • Save your license file and then drag and drop this license file from Windows File Explorer.

Import from file

You can also import the license file directly with the file import dialog.

  • In the menu select License / Import license ... and select your license in the file dialog.

Import from clipboard

It's also possible to paste the license text into the Magic Utilities application

  • In the email preview or in a text editor double-click the license text to select it.
  • Press Ctrl+C to copy the license text to the clipboard.
  • In the menu select License / Import license from clipboard.


If the license has been successfully imported, you see a confirmation dialog.
Close it, and the application will restart.License is registered

Export / Backup a license

In case you lost your original license file, at any time you can make a backup of your imported license file. In the main menu select License / Export license... to save your license to any location.

Note: The export format is binary using the .mu3li file extension. You can import this the same way as your original text license.

View the current license details

You can view your installed license details with the built-in license viewer. In the main menu select License / (Trial) License details.

  • Click on the Invoice URL link to open your invoice in a web browser.
  • Click on any value you copy this value to the clipboard.
  • Click the bottom left Copy button to copy all license values in JSON format to the clipboard.

Delete a license from the computer

At any time you can delete an installed license from your computer. Deleting only removes the license but does not disable the license. You can import your license back at any time.

Disable a license for good

In some cases, it is necessary to disable a license which means this license becomes invalid for good.

Disabling a license is irreversible. Do not disable a license unless we ask you to do so.
Click here for instructions.