Button area

To activate the button area, click the small 1 2 3 buttons below the Magic Trackpad image to select the number of buttons.

Any accidental touches on these buttons are ignored so you can rest your thumb or palm there.

Button functions

To assign a function to a button area, simply click in the area and select a function:

Disabled Click area is disabled. All touches are processed normally.
Ignore touches Ignores any touches and standalone clicks
(a primary click is performed in case you click
on such a button while you move the mouse pointer)
Primary click Performs a primary (left) mouse button click when clicked.
Secondary click Performs a secondary (right) mouse button click when clicked.  
Primary + secondary click Performs both, primary + secondary (left + right)
mouse button clicks together when clicked.  
Middle click Performs a middle mouse button click when clicked.
Backward navigation Navigates backward when clicked
(technically it's a 4th mouse button click).
Forward navigation Navigates forward when clicked
(technically it's a 5th mouse button click).  

Other options  

Configure area height Configures the height of the bottom button area.
Help This help page.