When Microsoft first released Windows 11 the Virtual Desktop change animations were missing if you used the keyboard shortcuts ctrl + win + left/right. Desktops were just changed without any animation. We got used to it. Changes were instant.

Now about two years later they are back. In the latest Windows 11 22H2 Build 22621.2715 with the latest security updates installed it works again.

However it's not as good as in Windows 10. There is a slight delay until the animation starts. In addition it now shows a popup of the Virtual Desktop name.

Why changing things back and forward all the time. Windows 10 animations were just simply good. Now they are delayed and have this annoying name popup all the time.

  • Hello Microsoft, users know their virtual desktop, no need for a name popup every time!
  • And while we replace our cars with EVs which have INSTANT acceleration, you make your new animations feel like an old Diesel engine.
  • Is that the result of your new "Secure Future Initiative"? Delay bugs so they don't happen instantly?
  • Is there still a human Q&A department at Microsoft?

Update: We fixed this in version You can turn off swipe and keyboard animations, so switching a desktop is now instant (again).