Today Apple released the new Magic Keyboards with (and without) Touch ID to the public. You can buy them now individually in the Apple store (in silver only). There is also a newer version of the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad (now named without the 2).

The new Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad are technically the same as the previous models, so they are already supported by the Magic Utilities.

The new Magic Keyboards will require some changes. We already have implemented support for all new Magic Keyboards but could test it only with the small Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. The other two models should arrive for testing next week. Once tested we'll release version of the Magic Utilities.

Don't expect that the Touch ID sensor will work on Windows, that's almost impossible since there is no documentation and the fingerprint data is encrypted. Only the newer M1 Mac computers on macOS will be able to decrypt and use that fingerprint data.

However, the key press (or better button press) that comes within the Touch ID sensor will be supported.