These days there is a lot about ergonomics like standing desks (actually not that healthy without a treadmill) or vertical mice, which are in fact quite nice. So why not a vertical trackpad? Searching the web gives you only this from 2014.

Let's do it yourself, a bit of plywood, some nails and glue are enough. 

Vertical Magic Trackpads

While the trackpads aren't really vertical, they keep your wrist, lower-arm and shoulder in a much more natural position, it's really nice and comfortable together with the (black) gel pads.

The only problem is that the trackpads are rotated, so the X / Y axis are swapped. Luckily we develop the Magic Utilities and this was an easy fix, there are new options to swap and flip the trackpads X / Y axis in Settings > Advanced settings since version

If you prefer an USB connection for the trackpad(s), there are various right angle Lighting to USB cables available.

Vertical Magic Trackpads

Have a break and fun with some woodwork.